Corrective Chiropractic

A Natural Non-Invasive Approach to Pain Relief with Chiropractic

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Chiropractors first evaluate to find the route cause of the problem.

​​​​​​​The chiropractic evaluation typically involves a complete health history and an examination. During the exam you can expect testing ranges of motion, muscles strength, tenderness with palpation, orthopedic testing and/or neuro exam. During the exam we are looking for mis-alignments and restrictions in mobility and normal function, These mis-alignments in the spine are commonly called “Sub-luxations”, in simpler terms, a “shift”. Chiropractors find these areas by using x-rays, other diagnostic equipment, or by palpating the spine using our hands to determine where and how the spine has been mis-aligned. Chiropractic is a type of medicine based on the scientific fact that our nervous system controls or influences the function of every tissue and cell in your body. Interference of the nervous system will affect how the nerves communicate to every muscle, tissue and organ in our body. By removing the interference of the nerve, the body will heal itself. All body functions are controlled by the nervous system. Sometimes the spinal vertebras will get misaligned which will cause pressure on the nerve which will lead you to feel discomfort/pain and even at times radiating pain to wherever the nerve is traveling. Once the Doctor finds these areas of misalignments the chiropractor will adjust these areas gently using his/her hands with synergistic technologies, remove the interference of the nerve, which will help reduce the pain or discomfort to the area in which the nerve is affecting.

We emphasize patient-centered and therefore offer several techniques for your care. We go at the speed/intensity each patient requires to be comfortable with getting started. We will also use muscle work to help speed along the healing process to get better results quicker. We want you to get back to doing what's important to you and avoid similar problems in the future. In order to customize your care a full examination and some x-rays may be necessary to deliever you the best chiropractic care we can.

We don’t just “crack” the spine blindly like a loved one walking on your back. We are a focused on specific corrections, mobilizations and structural spinal correction. In fact, everything we do is based on the results of your initial examination and the path we’ve outlined for your recovery. With a very carefully designed plan in place, we make calculated adjustments that will actually make a difference in your healing.

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Your pain is our priority, but our ultimate goal is to get beyond immediate pain relief to identify and alleviate the underlying cause of it all. That’s what produces lasting results which we term as Corrective Chiropractic. Traditional chiropractic acts as more of a bandaid vs the corrective approach. We also utilize soft tissue work with manual adjustments to get better individualized results.

There are hundreds of different chiropractic techniques. At JP Chiropractic we curtail our technique to your tolerance and needs for a more personalized visit. Some of the common chiropractic techniques we use in our Charleston office include:

1. Diversified Full Spine
2. Manual Hands on Adjustments
3. Activator
4. Thompson Drop Table
5. Gonstead Technique
6. Toggle Recoild Technique

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