Ear Aches

What is an ear ache?

An earache is a sharp, dull, or aching pain in one or both ears. The pain can be ongoing or last for a short period of time. Earaches are caused by fluid build up, blocking the eustachian tube. If the eustachian tube is blocked, pressure may occur behind the eardrum leading to the pain associated with an earache. Young children tend to be more at risk for earaches and ear infections as their eustachian tube is much smaller and more horizontal making it harder for fluid to drain out. Their immune systems are also still developing which makes them more susceptible to infection.

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What are the signs a child has an earache?

There are many symptoms a child may present with when an earache is present, these include; trouble sleeping, fussiness or increased crying, pulling at the painful ear, trouble with hearing, changes in mood, and fever in newborns or young children. What causes earaches in adults?

There can be many causes for earaches in adults. These include, sinus infection, swimmers ear, teeth grinding or TMJ, earwax buildup, eardrum rupture, etc. Ear pain in adults can be due to more common daily lifestyle situations, such as improper fitting earbuds, sleeping on hard surfaces, ear piercings, or an item being stuck in the ear. Earaches can resolve on their own but if persistent they can be a sign of illness or infection.

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How does chiropractic care help with earaches?

Chiropractic care can help with regulating proper drainage of fluid in the ears. At JP Chiropractic, our trained doctor of chiropractic can perform an ear pull to help unblock the eustachian tube and restore proper drainage. In children, many times they have a misaligned atlas bone, which is the very first bone in the spine. When the atlas is out of alignment the eustachian tubes can be obstructed creating a backup of fluid leading to an ear infection. Our doctor of chiropractic can adjust the atlas bone into proper alignment to help resolve a current earache and prevent future ones with consistent and regular adjustments.

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