Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is hip pain?

​​​​​​​The term hip pain is a general term used to describe pain from the hip joint itself or from the structures around the hip. We use our hips nearly every time we move our bodies. Our hips help us walk, run, stand upright, jump, pick things up and do a whole range of other movements, so hip pain problems can be debilitating for your everyday life. Hip pain is not just a problem among the elderly; it's also common during pregnancy, and in young people particularly if they sit or stand for prolonged periods of time or play contact sports.

The hip joint is the largest joint in the human body. It is a ball and socket joint which fits together along with a cushion of cartilage that prevents friction as the hip bone moves in its joint. Although the hip is designed to cope with wear and tear, with age and use the cartilage can wear down or become damaged. Muscles and tendons in the hip can get overused. The hip bone itself can be fractured during a fall or other injury. Sometimes hip pain problems may actually be the result of referred pain from the back or some other part of the body.

Non-surgical treatment, such as chiropractic care, should always be considered first with hip pain problems. At JP Chiropractic, West Ashley Charleston, we can help you locate the source of your hip pain problems and design a non-invasive treatment plan to provide some relief from your pain.

What are the symptoms of Hip Pain?

Symptoms of hip pain can range in severity from mild discomfort to severe pain which impacts your day to day life. Depending on the underlying cause of your hip pain, you may feel discomfort or stiffness in the following areas:

  • Thigh

  • Groin

  • Inside the hip joint

  • Outside of the hip joint

  • Buttocks

  • Side of hip

  • Lower back

  • Shooting pain down the back of the leg (sciatica)

  • Knee and lower back pain

Hip pain may get worse after activity and you may also experience a reduced range of movement. You may find that you are limping or adjusting your gait due to persistent hip pain.

What are the causes of Hip Pain?

There are many causes of hip pain, and your Chiropractor will do a careful physical examination of your entire musculoskeletal system to understand what's causing your pain.

Your chiropractor will evaluate the lumbar spine, the pelvic bones, and joints, as well as the hip socket itself to understand what is affected and what needs to be corrected in order to resolve the symptoms. The chiropractor will pay particular attention to the alignment of the lumbar spine and the sacroiliac joints, which are the major weight-bearing joints in the body. In fact, many people think they have hip pain, but it's actually the sacroiliac strain that's referring to your hip.

Sometimes when there is an underlying lower back problem, it can change the way you sit or stand and put more pressure on either hip. Incorrect posture can cause hip pain. Similarly, if there is a lower back problem, pain can radiate into the hips, buttocks and down the legs. This is commonly referred to as sciatica.

Hip pain may be the result of knee, ankle and foot problems such as foot pronation (flat feet) or having an irregular leg length. When you have an imbalance or instability in your pelvis or joints, it can cause the muscles in the region to work incorrectly and create hip pain problems. Pelvic imbalance is often the cause of injuries in the hip region especially in athletes and very active people. Leg length irregularity may create more chronic problems like arthritis in the knees and hips which develop over time if left untreated.

Having pain in the ball-and-socket joint of the hip is also a very common problem. Often this pain is caused by arthritis or other kinds of injuries that have degraded the cartilage in the joint space and allowed the bones to touch each other.

The most common causes for Hip Problems that we provide treatment and relief for at our West Ashley Charleston clinic are:

  • Lumbar (Back) Referred Hip Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Incorrect Posture

  • Irregular leg length

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Overuse, trauma and sports injury.

How can Hip Pain be diagnosed and treated?

At JP Chiropractic, West Ashley Charleston, we diagnose hip pain by taking a comprehensive medical history, performing a physical examination including a postural check as well as examining your ability to perform certain movements.

We may also use diagnostic imaging like x-rays to determine what treatment is appropriate for the treatment of your hip pain problems.

Treatment to provide relief for your hip pain will depend on the results of a thorough examination by your Chiropractor. At JP Chiropractic Charleston we offer relief from hip pain through:

  • chiropractic manipulation

  • chiropractic mobilization

  • postural correction

  • exercise programs

  • lifestyle changes such as exercise and behavioral changes

  • prescription of customized orthotics or heel lifts to correct structural imbalances of the feet and pelvis.

What exercises can help with Hip Pain?

If you are experiencing hip pain problems, it is crucial to consult with your Chiropractor about appropriate exercise, as an inappropriate activity may make the problem worse. We offer a comprehensive exercise program as part of a holistic hip pain treatment regime designed to help relieve your pain.

​​​​​​​These exercises are designed to reduce your symptoms and prevent relapse in the future. Our clinic is equipped with an expansive physical therapy area with equipment to assist in your recovery. You will be given exercises based on your personal needs and fitness level. Supervised exercise programs are generally far more effective in achieving positive results than if you try to do this on your own.

How can Chiropractic care relieve hip pain?

At JP Chiropractic in West Ashley Charleston, we develop a tailored treatment plan for your hip pain problems designed to:

  • reduce inflammation and discomfort

  • release muscle spasms around the hip joint and any other affected joints

  • strengthen weakened muscles

  • improve joint mobility and range of movement.

Chiropractic care is generally effective for the treatment of hip pain when it is caused by lower back, irregular leg length, sciatica or postural problems. There is some evidence that hip pain can be reduced and mobility improved with chiropractic care for patients with osteoarthritis. Once the initial treatment has been completed, maintenance with chiropractic manipulation can enhance the long term outcomes for patients.

We use the most researched chiropractic technique in the world which we integrate with traditional Chiropractic treatment. This is a scientific approach to spinal realignment and hip pain relief. When the spine assumes its ideal alignment, it performs at its best, helping to improve some hip pain problems.

If you are experiencing hip pain, contact our friendly clinic in Charleston, SC to book in for an appointment and find out more about how we can support you in the treatment of your condition.

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